"One Day At A Time" Official Video and Free Download

Posted Sep 28 2012 by Brandon

Watch the new video for "One Day At A Time" and for a LIMITED TIME DOWNLOAD the song for FREE here.

Special Note From Joe:

This song is about my path out of the darkness of drug addiction and alcoholism. The message is that there is a way out and a new life waiting in recovery that is good. The first step is to ask for help. The included links are a good place to start. I'm doing this because if it helps 1 person - it was worth it. It's by giving back that we receive and I am eternally grateful for my sobriety and my life today.

- Joe Walsh




  1. ShermCraig avatar

    On Sep 28 2012, ShermCraig said:

    This is definitely not a new song - I heard it over a year ago??

  2. Lady Linda avatar

    On Sep 28 2012, Lady Linda said:

    Thank you so much Joe. I needed to hear this. Love you man xx

  3. Screaming Lemon avatar

    On Sep 28 2012, Screaming Lemon said:

    Keep the Light Bright!!

  4. JerryK avatar

    On Sep 28 2012, JerryK said:

    I knew Joe when he first started with the Measles and was a student at Kent State University. I also remember when he first started with The James Gang and played at JB's Lounge on Water St. in downtown Kent, Ohio. Great memories and this song Rocks in more ways than one. Thanks Joe.

  5. sac7000 avatar

    On Sep 28 2012, sac7000 said:

    Welcome back Joe, it's been a long time, too long. 73

  6. andyjdick avatar

    On Sep 28 2012, andyjdick said:

    such an inspiration ,song and message....well done Joe!

  7. midlagednkrazee avatar

    On Sep 28 2012, midlagednkrazee said:

    Thank you for the download, and 40 plus years of great memories and music Joe..I've been fortunate enough to see you in The James Gang, with Barnstorm, and solo this past July at The Common Ground Music Festival in Lansing,Mi and you have always been a great entertainer ..Keep rockin dude!!!!!!

  8. Cathy avatar

    On Sep 28 2012, Cathy said:


  9. Cathy avatar

    On Sep 28 2012, Cathy said:


  10. Kim Salter avatar

    On Sep 28 2012, Kim Salter said:

    This is why I love you, Joe. You have a big heart and you're a good guy. I really do hope that someone sees this video and is inspired to get help. You are the man!

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