Scottsdale, AZ

Talking Stick Resort Showroom
9800 East Indian Bend
Scottsdale , AZ
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  1. On Jun 10 2012, kat54 said:

    I was frustrated too.I Called the casino box ofice puchased over the phone. They are also now listed on tickemater. I just went to tickemaster and there are losts of good seats. Good luck and see you all there.

  2. On Jun 10 2012, atantalo said:

    Dear Joe Walsh fans!!!! If you go to the casino you can purchase tickets for the show on 9/21/12. The computer program is not currently working which means better seats if you make the drive and buy your tickets through the box office.

  3. On Jun 10 2012, atantalo said:

    Why isn't the 'Joe Walsh Concert' posted on the concert list for the 'Talking Stick Resort?' You cannot but tickets from the 'Resort' or from 'Joe's' website. What is the problem? When is it going to be fixed?

  4. On Jun 8 2012, frankrock said:

    Hey- where the hell are the tickets?? They said today Fri 6/8 at 10am??wtf?

  5. On Jun 8 2012, kat54 said:

    and where???

  6. On Jun 7 2012, nirktwin2 said:

    When do tickets go on sale?

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