1. On Sep 29 2012, LindaBee said:

    love ya so glad you're HERE to give us so much JOY saw u w/ the Eagles in the atl @peidmark 2 yrs ago you were the HIGH lte. Too bad they were selling so much booze but i hadn't a drop! I used to think one had to be high to enjoy music what a dope i WAS!

  2. On Sep 28 2012, Mac Daddy said:

    See ya Saturday Joe, Looking forward to You and the Boys. Spotlight, Coachella. Rock on !

  3. On Aug 30 2012, californiarobbie said:

    please go to startickets and stubhub for seating sharts

  4. On Aug 22 2012, dscriptic said:

    I agree with Big Ed, I'm thinking of flying in from VA...a seating chart would be very helpful. I know the show will be great, as Joe's always are!!

  5. On Jul 17 2012, Big Ed said:

    Need to see a floor plan before purchasing any tickets. Bib Ed