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  2. On Oct 15 2015, Linda Haas said:

    Dear Joe Walsh,
    Way back in ‘75, Billy Lombardi introduced me to the James Gang. He was a real special guy that made my 19th year, “Exciting 19.” “Twenty Sucked” as we broke up but life goes on I truly thank him for introducing me to Rock. The James Gang, Frampton and others. I wouldn’t doubt that he’ll be at Mohegan Sun. Incidentally, his license plate was “049.”
    It has been years since I’ve seen you in person. Last time was at Oakdale Theatre in Wallingford, CT when you toured with Glenn Frey. I think that was 1993! I took my brother, who is now deceased, to his first concert! We had pretty good seats and it was a night to remember. (Luckily I didn’t know that his date was a married woman.) On my tight-wad budget I decided I was gonna see you again. My husband and I were at the XL Center on July 15 in Hartford! Was a bit disappointed that your set wasn’t longer. Left the show thinking “I’d wish he’d do a solo tour.” Well, when my husband told me that they announced on WPRL that you were touring, I couldn’t believe it!! Yes, this is a fan letter.
    Yes, I love The Eagles, but you’re great! My all-time favorite song is “Rocky Mountain Way.” I’ve always loved it and it is the song that gets me out of a slump. I’ve told my family that is what I want playing at the end of my funeral service similar to what they do in New Orleans. “Funk 49” comes in second. I love the diversity of your music and the lyrics that touch home. I hope you keep writing and composing forever.
    One time I was de-slumped E. Roger Schrager stood me up. When I ran into him on campus shortly after, he proceeded to apologize for standing me up and to tell me he was getting married! Obviously confused and depressed, “Rocky Mountain Way” was playing on my way home…Well not such a bad life event after all.
    The most memorable time was back in 2005 when my then 15 year old son was scheduled for open- heart surgery. My husband, other two sons and I were planning on direct-donating blood for the procedure. The first two times I tried to donate, my iron level was too low though I had tried to boost it. The final time, the last time to donate time-wise, they drew the sample to test it and “Rocky Mountain Way” was playing on the radio. I knew then and there it was a go to donate!! Super cool, super spiritual!
    Anyway, just thought I’d let you know I’ll be there with my three sons this time with tears in my eyes probably, no, most definitely and singing along (though hoping no one will hear me as I can’t carry a tune). It’s the release I’ve needed for quite some time now. Lost both parents and my younger brother within five years, my husband is a Newtown police officer though he did not work 12/14, there has been so much stress and concern for my police family. My son just received a new Tricuspid valve in May on my wedding anniversary another miracle of science!
    Just want to say: Thanks for Tooring!

    Peace and Love,
    Linda Wargo Haas
    P.S. Give a shot out to Bill Lombardi, haven’t seen him probably 40 years!

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