1. Chipmunk avatar

    On Aug 29 2018, Chipmunk said:

    Hey Joe,
    This is Sol in Memphis.. I know you wont remember me from the old days when you lived here. I'm 65 now and have seen you every time you have been here. I think it was Mollys here where I would hang and talk with you.
    Take Care!!!
    Sol in MEM

  2. Mindy Lilly avatar

    On May 30 2018, Mindy Lilly said:

    JW- I am worried about Tommy Stephenson. I know you are friends again. Could you please get in touch with him and find out what is happening? I'm just a person who watched you guys record in 1973 at Caribou Ranch. I don't know Tommy that well. Haven't seen him since 1973 but am asking, seriously, from my heart, that you please check on him.

  3. Lynn Eric avatar

    On Apr 27 2018, Lynn Eric said:

    How is it that no one has left a comment on one of the greatest & most creative artists of our time??? There should be hundreds or thousands of comments posted. Come on people... get with it!

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