"One Day At A Time" Official Video and Free Download

Posted Sep 28 2012 by Brandon

Watch the new video for "One Day At A Time" and for a LIMITED TIME DOWNLOAD the song for FREE here.

Special Note From Joe:

This song is about my path out of the darkness of drug addiction and alcoholism. The message is that there is a way out and a new life waiting in recovery that is good. The first step is to ask for help. The included links are a good place to start. I'm doing this because if it helps 1 person - it was worth it. It's by giving back that we receive and I am eternally grateful for my sobriety and my life today.

- Joe Walsh




  1. On Oct 3 2016, Robert R said:

    Hello Joe, Just returned from a weekend retreat in San Juan Bautista. This is only my second year there. Retreat was great just a bunch of old alkies, and at the very end they always play a video of you and this song. It is great everyone enjoys it. It a great message. Like the person that puts it on says its great to go full circle. Use to drink and listen to your songs now we're sober and listening to your songs. Thanks for your humbleness, your love, and sharing your story in a song. 73's

  2. On Aug 3 2016, John Chamberlain said:

    Hi JW, been a big fan since 1970...went down a similar path to yours, but today I am a free man with a good life on life's own terms, thanks to influences by too many persons to mention and a loving God...I will be working as a stage hand at the Telluride Blues & Brews fest on Sept 16 while you are playing, and that day will mark 19 years, 9 months and 8 days since my last drink--we will be two of the few in attendance who are not using alcohol (or drugs) on that night :D)...I sincerely hope I get a chance to help you onstage in any way possible because above all I am still that big JW fan! ...Rock on brother, God Blessya!

  3. On Feb 3 2016, TomReed said:

    Hi Joe, I've been a friend of BillW. August 23, 1979. I was 27 when I got sober! I heard one day at a time on tv the Eagles concert, the words were to the point and so simple but so powerful! The story of my drinking life! I had the privilege of seeing you in Chicago with Foreigner years back! Thank you for the powerful message and also carrying the message! Love you my Brother! Keep coming back, one day at a time!!

  4. On Nov 24 2015, Ronnie p said:

    The program saved my life my late friend tom Mann and I haf any talks about what a great song ..I'm just hanging the rooms around Kent Ohio,,


  5. On Nov 15 2014, John Counsel said:

    I first heard this song at The Eagles Farewell 1 concert in Melbourne, Australia in November 2004 -- exactly 10 years ago. I was so impressed that I bought multiple copies of the DVD when it was released to send to friends around the world. Your stole the entire show, Joe: such powerful, poignant songs set in such driving, melodic tunes. I now play your tracks to my grandchildren as examples of what can be achieved with genuine talent. Such a gift, and such honesty -- thank you!

  6. On Apr 15 2014, mikec said:

    Thanks Joe!! My counselor played this video after sending me to AA and seeing that I was taking the program very seriously. Thanks to AA and your song today is Day 41 of being clean and sober! THANKS JOE!!

  7. On Apr 14 2013, Debra BEE said:

    Joe, thank you for this song. I'll be celebrating 25 years in July, and sometimes when a person has x-amount of sobriety it's easy to get complacent and we forget where we came from. Your song captures the joy and light that comes with living a clean and sober life one day at a time. Thank you so much for sharing that joy with us.

  8. On Oct 18 2012, MKA22 said:

    Thanks, Joe. I just celebrated eight years last August and life has never been better. The dope damned near killed me in October of 2000, but it was gradually sucking the life out of me since I was a teen. Since I finally got clean in 2004, I have completed my BA, my MA and I am currently working on my Ph.D. at LSU - fully funded! This is the guy who rarely ever completed anything and never excelled beyond "good enough." Now, at almost 50 years old, it would appear that nothing can stop me. But I didn't do it alone; I have the support of a world-wide fellowship and a power greater than myself at my side - always. Congratulations on 18 years!

    Mike A.

  9. On Sep 30 2012, John a said:

    An amazing song that is poignant and funny at the same time... In that same line of thinking, it is thoughtful and "sober' but will have you up and dancing.... Pure (and typical) Joe Walsh genius...

  10. On Sep 30 2012, Wolfi said:

    This song is great. I had the same problems with alcoholism but my wife and this song helped me to get sober. Thank you Joe.

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