Guitar Center Sessions Airing Tonight On DIRECTV

Posted Dec 7 2012 by Brandon

  1. On Jan 9 2013, Eddie1261 said:

    It looks like it might also be Bob Pelander. Anybody know? I haven't seen either of them in a LOT of years. Cox is in Nashville and Pelander is in Vegas. Both originally from Cleveland though.

  2. On Jan 9 2013, Eddie1261 said:

    Does anybody know if the keyboard player on the Guitar Center show was Steve Cox or not?

  3. On Jan 9 2013, Eddie1261 said:

    The guitar with the D is a Dusenberg. Not sure of the spelling.

  4. On Dec 24 2012, Dustin White said:

    On this program, it looks as if your rhythm player may be wearing a T-shirt underneath his blazer featuring The Darkness. Am I right?

  5. On Dec 14 2012, Mikey T said:

    What is the guitar with the"D" on it?

  6. On Dec 8 2012, Hobie Joe said:

    Just watched the Guitar Center Sessions piece on Joe Walsh. Analogue! What a concept! Joe has inpired me to blow the dust off my Technics turntable and get the old vinyl dizzy. You go Joe! Keep on rockin! Now on to order my copy of Analogue man. Merry Christmas to me!

  7. On Dec 8 2012, Honk57 said:

    Just watched u on Guitar Center Sessions..loved it. I am a fan from way back. James Gang{featuring Joe Walsh] ,Eagles, and of course Joe Walsh. Im 55, and still have a James Gang 8 I also am 21 yrs sober, congrats to u on that . Keep on playing, cause Im an analog man too! Seen ya in concert, back during hotel California, look forward to seeing you again. I live in Cut-N-Shoot TX, so please come to The Woodlands Pavillion..Take care, and keep up the good real music ...PEACE

  8. On Dec 8 2012, czbeth said:

    watched it, it was great. i have been a fan for oh so very long. and joe is correct as my daughter and grandaughter know his music because i wore out several albums and have a couple of cd's. (and the cd's just dont sound like the albums did...must be the popcorn on the
    Keep rockin Joe, we love you.

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