1. On Jan 20 2013, Curt Christensen said:

    I saw the James Gang perform as a backup band to Foghat during the summer of '74 (I think) in Green Bay, Wisconsin. If I remember correctly, a new band called Genesis (featuring Phil Collins and Peter Gabriel) led off the concert. At the time I had no clue the quality of musicianship I was witnessing!

  2. On Jan 8 2013, Thumpers44time said:

    Yeah, I remember back in the day having a new dance was the number one thing ! Not having dance hall really any place to go dancing..we just put on 'Funk 49' then everybody was out there doing their best funky chicken dance and just having a good time..

  3. On Dec 24 2012, Alfonzo said:

    Yeeaahhh!! James Gang !! GREAT STUFF !! It was in the mid 70´s when I heard the James Gang here in West Germany at AFN Radio for the first time and it remembers me to the good old 70´s . Really powerful version of this great song.
    Hope to see Joe Walsh live here in germany , that would be really great!!
    Keep on rocking!!!

  4. On Dec 21 2012, dscriptic said:

    I think that this is one of the best songs ever written! It was great when it came out oh so many years ago...and it still gets our attention and a smile. Thanks Joe!

  5. On Dec 20 2012, 3rdcamaro said:

    I still remember first time I heard Funk 49 - 1970 in La Junta, Colorado on a cassette tape! Am so glad technology has advanced, but I still love vinyl. Rock on Joe!