1. BKennyB avatar

    On Nov 14 2014, BKennyB said:

    I was thinking of going to Huntington for the Dec. 1 show but it should be Joe Walsh with Special Guest Bob Seger. I'll wait for a solo Joe appearance.

  2. MarkDarcy avatar

    On Mar 13 2013, MarkDarcy said:

    Looking forward to your Portland Show March 30. My wife and I enjoyed meeting you last summer in Salem. Celebrated 20 years on 1/28/2013. Life's been good to me so far! Keep the faith brother!!!!!!!!!

  3. Lynda avatar

    On Mar 13 2013, Lynda said:

    Hi Joe
    Bought my husband Analog Man for Xmas....the first gift in awhile that he actually loves!!! He's 66, a long time fan and sober for 2 years so your songs really resonated with him.
    Just got tickets to see you on our 25th Wedding Anniversary, April 16 at the Barclays Center!! Can't wait to see you!! (And Bob and the boys too :))
    Regards-Lynda and Art

  4. Annemieke avatar

    On Mar 13 2013, Annemieke said:

    When does Joe come to Australia, or alternatively Amsterdam during March,April and May 2013???

  5. Joseph Sullivan avatar

    On Mar 12 2013, Joseph Sullivan said:

    Hello Joe! Just joined the club. Great CD Joe, You have the magic. Hope to see you in Buffalo soon.

    PS I'm Sooo glad that the OTHER Joe Walsh is not on tour in Washington Ha Ha Ha !!!!

  6. Bryan Floyd avatar

    On Feb 27 2013, Bryan Floyd said:

    Please Come to DC,MD or VA guys....God Bless

  7. Randall Joy avatar

    On Feb 27 2013, Randall Joy said:

    Joe been listening to you work it since JAMES GANG Listened to you for the 2 weeks you and the EAGLES practiced in SO. CAL in IRVINE on your SOBER TOUR (with you all on edge) and going back a bit in Vancouver in " 73" practicing again in the coliseum to some freinds. Any way thanks and Im glad we made it to the sober side of this trip! keep it up an rockin! RJ

  8. mscheryllj avatar

    On Feb 24 2013, mscheryllj said:

    Hi Joe, I'm so very excited to see you w/Bob Seger. I really wish there was an opportunity for your fan club members to meet you in person. :o)

  9. HEMI DUDE avatar

    On Feb 17 2013, HEMI DUDE said:

    Joe. I'm a huge fan, I got my tickets to Tacoma. The wife and I would love to meet you. Any backstage tickets?

  10. Robert Kitson avatar

    On Feb 12 2013, Robert Kitson said:

    Please come to the San Francisco Bay Area!