Analog Man Voted Vintage Guitars 2012 Album of the Year

Posted Feb 23 2013 by User

Joe's 2012 album, Analog Man has been voted Vintage Guitars 2012 Hall of Fame album of the year. Go here for a full list of winners.

  1. On Apr 6 2013, Chef Patrick said:

    Looking forward to upcoming concerts Summer 2013. Love Guitar Sessions Joe Walsh - touched by his description of his "assignment to share the SOBER experience." Our son is in detox/drug rehab @ Michael's House in Palm Springs - all the guys/gals should get a copy of the song One Day At A Time. God Bless you for letting it all hang out in that song. Thx Joe...... Been a fan since day #1.

  2. On Apr 4 2013, Ka7thy said:

    I....LOVE...'Analog Man'! Great song...and....great meaning! I agree with you "totally" on your lyrics....No digital for me....I'm an "Analog" Woman!
    Yes....Vinyl is way superior to our now "digital" world!

    Love your music, Joe! Keep Rockin'!

    Ka7thy in Oregon

  3. On Mar 19 2013, TS said:

    I appreciate your humility\ heart as much as your musical talent. Thanks for both.

  4. On Mar 17 2013, mscheryllj said:

    Big congrats to you Joe!!! I have this CD & love every song on it. I can't wait until your next one. Again, way to go Joe!!!

  5. On Mar 7 2013, PJ said:

    Keep doing what you are doing and
    Keep gettin what you got.
    What you got Joe?

  6. On Feb 24 2013, Bob Womack said:

    Congrats, Joe. Deserved.

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