1. Sober24oughtAtime avatar

    On Sep 27 2013, Sober24oughtAtime said:

    I only had a few, and Jill came tumbling after. That is ok Trent. Remember mrdrivedrunk promotes SOBER driving.

  2. Trent avatar

    On Sep 26 2013, Trent said:

    Wow, I might be the first to post! I don't know what to write except that I'm a big fan and a child of the 60/70's. I hope to see Joe with the Eagles on Tour!

  3. Paul Schlacter avatar

    On Jun 11 2013, Paul Schlacter said:

    I'm so excited to hear that "The Eagles" concert was announced and they are the top sellers this week! I have ordered The Eagles tickets from GoodSeatTickets.com and got great discounts!