1. Gay avatar

    On Sep 2 2014, Gay said:

    I seen in Jersey City with The Eagles in the summer of 1978. Wow! Then I seen you again august 2012 Salt Lake City. Incredible! Now I'm going to see you again with The Eagles tonight in SLC. I'm so excited !

  2. Jodie avatar

    On Jun 2 2014, Jodie said:

    Glasgow was amazing!
    My dad and I went on a road trip in the US last year. He felt strongly about standing on some corner in Winslow Arizona, so that's what we did.
    After that, I got him the tickets for his 60th and now I'm completely converted.
    So much so we're going again on Friday in Dublin.
    Joe, you are amazing.
    Jodie xxx

  3. Sean Kaye avatar

    On Jun 1 2014, Sean Kaye said:

    Seen you and the boys play last night in Glasgow for my dads birthday and got to say my old mans got good taste, absolute AMAZING!