1. On May 9 2018, Theresa Constantino said:

    This is so awesome! You are truly amazing Jo Jo in everything that you do. And I thank God that you are still here with us. You have a good heart and personality. I hope that I get a chance one day to meet you in person and play live rather than just watch videos on YouTube. Love you always Jo Jo!

  2. On Oct 27 2016, guy folsom said:

    Hello Joe, Just saw part 1 of west of west. Great stuff! I visited Santa Cruz islnd on my 1929 Schooner ALLURE. She was owned by Johnny Weissmueller in the 30s, You'd love sailing into Smugglers Cove and dropping the hook. She needs a new owner. Check her out in Maui promo from 1963 on youtube. Search kaanapali 1963. Minute 17-21.

  3. On Feb 18 2016, DLSPIRITWRITER said:

    Blessings to you for all your help to others and our planet! And rockin Guitar soul music
    Sorry for your loss and sending good thoughts and prayers, Vibes! PS someone is trying to pretend to be you on Facebook. Throught ya should know...

  4. On Oct 10 2015, Jamie 777 said:

    Hey Joe
    My husband & I moved here to Michigan in 1996, but I grew up in California. I spent so many summers in Santa Cruz. I miss it there very much. Thanks for doing this.
    We saw your show in Windsor 3 weeks ago. Got Water Boarded on our way home. Canadians have no sense of humor. Great show! We were at the Eagles in Detroit and after that, I bugged the heck out of my husband to get great tickets to see you. He did and we had such a great time. Thank you! Come back to Michigan ASAP!!