1. On Mar 30 2016, WITIV said:

    Joe, It was a dream come true to see you play at the Orpheum. I've been a fan since my older sister had Hotel California and But Seriously Folks...back in the late 1970's when I was in single digits. I've never stopped listening. If your show / band / songs / guitar work weren't amazing enough - wow - your amazingly kind and loving gesture to your fans and friends during the introduction is a moment I will never forget. I still tear up thinking about the moment and your sincerity. It was simply beautiful. You make Boston Strong. God Bless & Keep Rockin' Joe! -Billy from Boston

  2. On Feb 27 2016, RJVollen said:

    Joe- A friend of mine recently asked me what was the best live music that I had seen this year, and after little thought, I told him it was your show at Beacon Theatre. The last time I saw you play was in 1982; I was 17 years old. To be honest your set list hasn't changed dramatically. But it's not your songs that made your show great. It's where I went during the jam between verses. I was totally absorbed and occasionally moved to tears. Thanks for a great show and please keep on jamming!

  3. On Nov 19 2015, Kathleen Chippi said:

    Joe--Late THANK YOU for the Funk 49 gear you kicked me down at the Capitol Theater Oct 8th!!! ...Made the cherry on top to our trip to the east coast to catch you 3 nights front row. My husband and I f*cking love you!!! and what a story to share when we got back to Nederland!!! I will continue to dance my ass off front row every opportunity I have--so we need you to keep solo touring!!! (Colorado misses you) Awesome show at the Beacon also and I heard after the show that I missed Ringo and your wife 5 feet behind me for the encores-you had my full attention.

    This is a late THANK YOU because I'm an analog girl and my computer was on the blink leaving me helpless/clueless when I got back to Colorado....born and raised in Cleveland and now 24 years in Nederland. You and your music have been with me, inspiring/moving me since I was born with 2 older brothers and a dad with good taste in music. I'm guilty of looping Life of Illusion for 30 days straight three years ago, listening to nothing else and never tiring of it....getting it live is amazing for me every time...and I have a special soft spot for Rosewood Bitters (with and without Michael Stanley)...the Bomber, Mother Says....and so many more all the way through the Band Played On....THANK YOU!

    Catching the first show front row for the The James Gang reunion at Sturgis and solo front center at the Belly Up in Aspen remain some of my best shows/memories ever....thanks for adding this years solo tour to them.

    For the show added at the Capitol on Oct 8th my husband started out with 4 seats in the 6th row and 2 seats in the 3rd row from the fan club as we planned to have friends along on that one and ended up then finding 4 seats front center from a resale ticket website....Our friends could not make it so I had the best time heading up to the balcony before the show and picking out 8 fans in disbelief to miracle up to the front, making their show as awesome for them as it was for us. Thank you for all the years and cheers to more solo tours! See you next time, music gods willing, front and center.

  4. On Oct 22 2015, JimEd said:

    Joe! I saw you in Hampton and Boston. Two unbelievable shows. You are truly an inspiration to me. I am a musician that does gigs around the Boston area and it is such an inspiration to see you perform live. My dad has taken me to a few Eagles shows as well. You always stick out and are truly a 5 tool player. You can harmonize... you can sing... you can shred leads... you can play amazing rhythm, YOU PLAY KEYBOARDS ON I CANT TELL YOU WHY... its pretty amazing how talented you are, and I want to thank you for everything you have given me musically. Thank you thank you thank you!

  5. On Oct 20 2015, JeffQ said:

    Hey Joe - that was an awesome show - we thoroughly enjoyed it, and it meant alot to us at the outset. It's so great to see the best musicians and bands give back. Thank you.