1. On Jun 8 2016, csalerno said:

    Joe - Seeing you tomorrow night (06/09) at Xfinity Center. 3rd row from the stage. Can't wait!

  2. On May 16 2016, JPBassg said:

    Hey Joe, Thank you for all the great music and your wonderful spirit! I have to ask, when will you be in Toronto?? Fingers crossed we will see you soon!!

  3. On Mar 21 2016, Grateful Wendy B said:

    Today finding this and listening to the music really helped me! Thanks! On a challenging day it is good to find some joy. Every day I hug you with my heart. Thanks for the music.

  4. On Mar 18 2016, Victoria D said:

    I have been hoping to see you in concert again (I saw you with the Eagles in Concord, CA in 2003 - the best concert I could have ever imagined.. I so wish I could see this upcoming show at the Concord Pavilion, but sadly, funds have gotten too low, because of my meds...but I definitely would if I could. I know you'll put on an excellent show. I love your 2012 cd. I play it quite often, Awesome lyrics. I also love your older tunes as well. ...When I was a dj at my high school radio station in 1979-1980, I played a lot of your solo stuff, along with the Eagles and others. Thanks for sharing your gift of music. Being a musician, I know how awesome it is to make people happy when you play for them. Much peace to you...and my deepest condolences about fellow Eagle, Glenn Frey. To say it was a shock is an understatement. Take care!

  5. On Mar 9 2016, jojack1220 said:

    Never received a password for VIP pre sale.

  6. On Mar 8 2016, Bobo said:

    Looking forward to a great time in Charlotte. Will have 3 gerenations of Joe Walsh fans at the show.

  7. On Mar 8 2016, Tammy D Rice said:

    What is the passcode for Presale tickets

  8. On Mar 7 2016, Alan Rakosky said:

    Where is the pass code for presale purchases

  9. On Mar 7 2016, betsy riedel said:

    I know it says if you are a fan club member you can purchase tickets before the general public but, how do you do that? Should we log into your website, and be able to buy them from there? or do we have to go to another site to buy them? And how do you find out the prices of the tickets, VIP packages and availability? Please can someone get back to me, I really really don't want to miss out on this opportunity. Thanks !

  10. On Mar 6 2016, Sarah said:

    Hi Joe We were lucky enough to be front row the last time Eagles came to London. A night we will never forget. This tour will be amazing. Please come to the UK!!!