A Statement From Joe Walsh Regarding His Withdrawl From a Concert Event on Sunday, July 17th in Cleveland, OH

Posted Apr 20 2016 by User
April 20, 2016 - "It was my understanding that I was playing a concert which was a non partisan event to benefit the families of American veterans on Sunday, July 17 in Cleveland. The admat I approved said this specifically. Today it was announced that this event is, in fact, a launch for the Republican National Convention. In addition, my name is to be used to raise sponsorship dollars for convention-related purposes. Therefore, I must humbly withdraw my participation in this event with apologies to any fans or veterans and their families that I might disappoint. 
I am very concerned about the rampant vitriol, fear-mongering and bullying coming from the current Republican campaigns.  It is both isolationist and spiteful. I cannot in good conscience endorse the Republican party in any way. I will look at doing a veteran related benefit concert later this year." 
 -- Joe Walsh
  1. On Jun 1 2016, jazman said:

    Hey Joe!
    I respect your decision on April 20 not to play in Cleveland due to the RNC, but for crying out loud, it is now June 1st, and tickets are still being sold for the event on your website. I cannot get a refund on $850 worth of tickets.
    Either SH_T or get off the pot!

  2. On May 23 2016, RocknrollPharmacist said:

    HooRah to Joe for continuing to endorse those RocknRoll principles that we hold dear! It is endearing & enlightening that he cancel for conscience. This DS1 veteran has been a fan since before "Smoker you drink..." days & will ALWAYS remain one.

  3. On May 23 2016, hope said:

    Wow, a man that speaks his mind and sticks to it.

  4. On May 20 2016, Loral said:

    So, if you don't agree politically, you boycott the event, and leave your fans discouraged? The only people who you'll perform for is ones that you agree with politically?

    You had a great friendship with Don Felder, and politics ruined that too. I would have thought you would have learned after that experience.

    Musicians should sing, and not talk. If someone wants to pay to see you perform, take the money and put on a concert. Your pride is nothing when you lose fans.

  5. On May 19 2016, Cannie said:

    Joe- Do what you believe. I'm a long time fan. I plan to attend your show in MD.

  6. On May 19 2016, jonnyo said:

    You can't possibly believe yourself in this statement. The rampant vitriol, fear-mongering and bullying coming from the current Republican campaigns is just a show. It is not both isolationist and spiteful. You certainly have no obligation to do this concert and endorse the Republican Party. But choose another reason. Look behind the rhetoric ans see what is really going on. There's no business like show business and our current Republican leaders know it.
    A former Kent State University classmate.

  7. On May 19 2016, DebbieG said:

    I admire you for your courageous decision exiting this misrepresented event. I also commend you for wanting to support military, veterans and their loved ones. I am a huge Joe Walsh fan and tomorrow night will be front row center at the Forum and at the meet & greet. I'm the CEO of and we work with a multitude of non-profits supporting those who serve. I get to work with the best people on the planet. I also am sad that there is so much contention in our nation. We live in the greatest nation in the world and we are all in this together. Both sides of the aisle need to remember this and work together instead of the attacks. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and hating someone for thinking differently is wrong. I'm joining forces with some of the best non-profits in November for a televised concert, "America Salutes You".

  8. On May 17 2016, Dewfrogg53 said:

    So, you think it's ok for Clinton to lie to the families of our dead veteran's & Ambassador of why they died? She will lie until the cows come home just to get elected. And if Sanders is who you stand with, then get ready to pay lots more income taxes. Oh, we should keep our borders open so Isis can waltz right on in and kill us! And the Mexican drug cartels can keep bringing in drugs! I wasn't able to get insurance where I worked, so I was fined. And I have cancer. You liberals don't have a clue about the working class, nor do you care. I use to love the Eagles. But that's over for me now. You suck.

  9. On May 16 2016, a Steve from Vegas said:

    Thank you Joe for opening my eyes. Your album was either the first or second one I ever purchased in the late 70's and I was a fan until now. You've been put on my "Oh hell no!" list of artists that include Maroon 5 and a few others. You should really add a byline to your site and all your work "Non-liberals need not listen."

  10. On May 15 2016, Joann Peck said:

    You are a selfish, self-centered, dumbass. I will never listen to you again.

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