1. Jeff Brown avatar

    On Sep 22 2016, Jeff Brown said:

    Next time you play the bay area Joe, I'll finally meet you at the meet"N"greet. I hope it happens soon!!

  2. Chrismiller avatar

    On Aug 5 2016, Chrismiller said:

    Can't wait to see you in Louisville!!! Be in the 3rd row!!! God bless you Joe!

  3. openocean avatar

    On Jun 28 2016, openocean said:

    God Bless you Joe! your music has always brought me strength and peace from the 70's to even now! I have many things in my life to be thankful for and your music is a big Part of that! I know your not done yet! cant wait for what comes next, welcome to cruise the ocean anytime with us! See you in Portland , Me. god bless and Thank you Joe!!!

  4. RGuy avatar

    On Jun 18 2016, RGuy said:

    Hey Joe - Please play Life of Illusion in Chicago this Thursday. Thanks! Love ya, man... -Chicago Randy

  5. Vikki Jean Mankins avatar

    On Jun 3 2016, Vikki Jean Mankins said:

    This just too cool and so are you Joe. Love ya' come back to the Tulsa OK area soon.