Veterans Day

Posted Nov 11 2016 by User

Today is an important day - because we honor our Veterans. I want to thank all the men and women who have fought for this country, for our freedom. We are still at war, we are still sending our men and women into combat and its not being talked about. That is not ok with me. Some of our soldiers pay the ultimate price and don't make it back.

The ones that do are missing limbs or emotionally shattered or both. Many are not getting the help that they need. I support our vets and I want them to know I appreciate and sincerely care about them. This is going to be something I focus on in 2017.

-Joe Walsh

  1. On Nov 13 2016, Kitty Kat said:

    Well said! Every voice added to help our veterans is appreciated. It is not about solving all their problems or helping all the veterans with a great plan. It is about making a difference in their lives with the gifts, talents and skills we have around us everyday.

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