1. On Apr 13 2017, AlexVegas said:

    I grew up with Joe Walsh music but never got to see them live! After this show, they are my favorite band! I bought tickets for $85 - here - https://o-vegas.com/las-vegas-concerts/

  2. On Dec 13 2016, Bporter said:

    Always look forward to seeing your shows.

  3. On Dec 13 2016, Bporter said:

    Always have enjoyed your music.

  4. On Nov 21 2016, Kathleen Chippi said:

    So happy my man opens emails every day cause I don't and would have missed this pre-sale. I came home last week to find out he got us table seats for the last 3 nights-- so you'll see me front and center dancing my ass off per every opportunity to do so. Thanks soooo much for more shows!!! And remember Joe, Nederland loves you....dreaming of a show at our new Caribou Room venue.

  5. On Nov 15 2016, John Rusco said:

    Looking forward to the event. Met joe a long time ago... shared the same luthier for some time. John Carruthers.

    John Rusco