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Join Joe Walsh in helping those who are battling addiction by donating $10 to Facing Addiction with NCADD. By donating, you’ll be entered to win a trip to Detroit for an amazing weekend experience exploring the city! You'll have an amazing dinner cooked by fantastic James Beard Award-nominated chef, James Rigato at his restaurant The Root. You’ll visit Glenn Frey Drive, the Motown Museum, and Jack White’s Third Man Records store. You’ll also visit the Shinola watch store and weigh in on a Detroit staple by sampling rival “coney” hot dogs at American Coney Island and Lafayette Coney Island. Cap off the weekend with a dinner with Joe before heading to the Eagles concert on Sunday night with two VIP tickets to see the show in style! Learn more here.
  1. On Jan 12 2019, Bazza said:

    Donation to Facing Addiction.
    MY cool guitar story!

    It was the morning of Friday the 4th of April 1997 and the day after the 2nd running of the Dubai World Cup International Horse Race.
    I was working in Dubai at the time and living in a staff house across the beach road adjacent to a magnificent hotel named the Dubai - Burj Al Arab Jumeirah; and still frequently voted “the most luxurious hotel in the world”. I had just awoken and drug my hungover carcass down stairs for a cup of healing coffee and noticed I had left my mobile phone on the coffee table in the living room. I flipped it open and it was flooded with missed calls and text messages all from the same person the evening before, a good friend named Patric. The texts were horribly misspelled and hard to interpret (obviously written in a PANIC) but basically said “RACING TO MY PLACE TO GET YOUR GUITAR SO JOE WALSH CAN PLAY HOTEL CALIFORNIA FOR THE SHEIKH!!!! CALL ME BACK WANKER!!
    Patric was an English chap living in Dubai and working many of the hotel lounges entertaining the clientele with his incredible talents as a lounge Singer/Musician. He had recently joined a band part time to entertain the crowds on a local day cruise boat and needed to borrow an electric guitar. Patric normally was an acoustic player and didn’t own an electric guitar at the time. I had recently purchased an inexpensive Fender Squire Stratocaster to play when I had spare time hanging around the staff house. Patric stored it at his place when I was on days off and out of the country.
    After reading the texts I quickly got dressed and raced over to Patrick’s place. I, excited like a child on Christmas morning, woke him to find out the details of what I had missed the night before. Apparently, Joe Walsh is a big horse racing fan and was staying at the Dubai - Burj Al Arab Jumeirah Hotel while attending the horse race. Patric was playing one of the hotel lounges and in attendance along with probably many other celebrities was Joe Walsh and Dubai’s Sheikh Mohammed. The Sheikh had requested that Joe Walsh play the song “Hotel California” in honour of the Sheikh’s horse, Singspiel winning the 2nd annual Dubai World Cup horse race that day. According to Patric, Joe Walsh needed an electric guitar to serve the song justice.
    As Patric sped down to his beat-up old corvette and raced down Jumeirah Beach Road to retrieve my guitar from his house; he was frantically texting and phoning to inform me of this incredible once in a life time event and opportunity…. WITH MY GUITAR!
    I was absolutely blown away with excitement and asked if he had Joe sign the guitar? “Oh jees Mate…..that would have been a good idea hey?” Was all he said. REALLY PAT..REALLY?????? was what I said…followed with “oh well Mate… lets go have a bloody mary on the beach”.
    Well hear it is coming on 21 years later and while going thru some things organising the basement I come across a few old guitars in their cases. I popped one open and there it is the JOE WALSH STRAT!. The memories of the time start flooding back to me as I go to pull the guitar from its case. STOOOOOOP! Is the word that comes to mind as I reach for the guitar. As I remembered I told myself I wouldn’t handle or polish it until I had Joe Walsh signed it one day. I also found the 1970 Silvertone Guitar my parents got me for Christmas when I was 12 (straight from the Sears catalogue), 2 old cheap acoustics and a Jackson electric I had purchased at a pawn shop in Utah. I took them to David Gilmore at Gilmore Guitars in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada where I live now. David is a Master Luthier and repairs guitars for donation to the needy, along with building handcrafted guitars for sale. I had David re-string the Jackson and donated the 2 acoustics to him for charity. He asked me if I wanted the JWG (Joe Walsh Guitar) re-strung but I realized the strings on it were the ones Joe had played so best leave it be.
    I still can’t believe I left my phone down stairs that night in 1997 and missed the opportunity to enter the most luxurious hotel in the world to witness the Great Joe Walsh play “Hotel California” in the presence of Sheikh Mohammed on MY GUITAR.
    Here is what I would like to see done with this guitar.
    I would like to send it to Joe and have him dust it for his finger prints. Verify he has played it. Hopefully he remembers the event from 21 years past. Have the guitar placed into a shadow box with a note of it’s history. Sold to the highest bidder at auction with the proceeds donated to his charity “Facing Addiction”
    . What do ya think Joe?

    Barry Holland, BAZZA

  2. On Nov 10 2018, Stephen Martorano said:

    The hardest working man in show biz. Nevertheless I have another request. Please call-in to our radio program dedicated to recovery from substance abuse. Anytime, from anywhere at your convenience.

    Just let me know how I have to reach out to in order to make this happen.

  3. On Nov 1 2018, Joeandmewhenwewerekids said:

    Dear Mr. Walsh.
    When I was in the navy and just a kid I was coming back to san diego from Washington after my uncle died. I sat with a kid like myself who said he was Joe Walsh and he played in the James Gang. I took him to the base by taxi to give him a ride home and my friend had my car so he left in our shared taxi. Was that you? You may not even remember. Anyway, could have been cause we were both the same age. Even though I didn't know your music then I know it now. Hey! and we're both still alive. If it wasn't you it has certainly made a wonderful story all these years...God bless dude. Jerry

  4. On Oct 22 2018, Ned Dolese said:

    Hi. I would like to help raise awareness and contribute to this worthy cause. I am a friend of Bill W and admire what you are doing very much. My email address is: [email protected] Please reach back when you have a chance and I’ll be glad to share my contact info. Thx. Ned.

  5. On Sep 8 2018, Mika Liimatainen OH6NVC said:

    I have been Joes fan almost my whole life.
    My old old dream is to meet Joe ,from eye to eye.
    With Joe, We have a same hobby and passion.... Amateur radio! It saved both of us, our life.
    WB6ACU de OH6NVC. 73, Mika

  6. On Aug 30 2018, Jamesgang said:

    I’m in, Joe!

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