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Celebrate 25 Years of the Historic Reunion with an All New Remastered CD Release and the First Ever Standalone U.S. Vinyl Release on March 8

Hell Freezes Over is the Eagles’ historic April 1994 reunion that resulted in a 9-times platinum album that spent 2 weeks atop the charts and spawned a mega-successful 2-year tour. And now, on March 8, 2019, celebrate the 25th anniversary of this momentous release with an all new remastered CD Release the first ever standalone U.S. reissue of Hell Freezes Over on double 180-gram black vinyl.

Previously available only as an import double-LP and as part of 2018’s Legacy box set, Hell Freezes Over, originally produced by the Eagles with Elliot Scheiner and Rob Jacobs, has been expertly remastered for modern high-grade vinyl by Bob Ludwig.

Hell Freezes Over features the band’s Long Run-era lineup — drummer/vocalist Don Henley, guitarist/vocalist Glenn Frey, guitarist/vocalist Joe Walsh, guitarist/vocalist Don Felder, and bassist/vocalist Timothy B. Schmit — performing four new studio tracks in addition to 11 live offerings from the reunion sessions that took place on April 25 & 26, 1994 at Warner Burbank Studios in Burbank, California and was subsequently broadcast as a highly-rated MTV special.

The hard-charging album-opening, studio track “Get Over It,” sets the tone for the overall proceedings, while “Love Will Keep Us Alive,” with touching lead vocal from Schmit, reached No. 1 on the Billboard Adult Contemporary chart in 1995. Highlights of the live portion of the album include the acoustic reimagining of “Hotel California,” the Walsh showcase “Pretty Maids All In A Row,” a stirring rendition of Henley’s “New York Minute” that features the Burbank Philharmonic Orchestra, the always-jubilant “Take It Easy,” and the poignant “Desperado” finale that puts the spotlight on Henley’s emotive lead vocals and piano.

Hell Freezes Over displays the intact legacy of one of America’s favorite bands that continues to survive and thrive to this very day. Pre-Order your copy today.
  1. On Sep 16 2019, DanMan said:

    * I "wouldnt" take all the money give up my life or great memories

  2. On Sep 16 2019, DanMan said:

    I Grad from Copley High School...and had the pleasure of Knowing Joe and other band members.. The James Gang played our Prom.. great memories and a wonderful life..I now live in Florida and Own A breakfast & lunch restaurant...called Snowy Mountain Café... I would take all the money in the world to give up my life nor the fantastic memories..God Bless..ROCK on !!

  3. On Jun 6 2019, Joe Turner said:

    I have learned more about life from Eagles lyrics than the Bible.No other band, though many tried (Bob Seeger and Jackson Brown) are as great as story tellers. Notice how the whole song is composed of new lyrics not just a repetitive courteous . Seen as often as I can in the second class city of St Louis.

  4. On May 30 2019, Wiseguy said:

    I've always listened to the Eagles because they sounded so clean in their performing. I have a tackle box somewhere with James Gang Rides Again. I hope to find it and buy an old eight track player just to listen to the old stuff, scratches, hums, and all.

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